Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quinceañera Event

I enjoyed making and creating this Quinciañera Event. It was a fun party that had that wow factor. Our company made the centerpieces the favors and decorated the event.  Thanks to all the family and friends this event was a great success!!!! 

Another Happy Client.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pre-Package Weddings.

We decorate, coordinate and facilitate weddings and parties from the Centerpieces, favors, ceremony design, Gorgeous Receptions, we can create the perfect package for your needs!!!  So what this means for the regular consumer is what do you have to do in getting ready to get married.  First, its starts by picking that venue, and the venue can be a place you visited or checked out, been too for dinner, or just liked the way it looked, or even heard of it through friends and family.

But on the other hand when searching out a venue for the incredible day to celebrate and party with your friends and family, cost and time are part of that consideration.  So if you don't have much time, and you are not that creative that is where we come into simplify and coordinate. 

In making it easier for you and your future spouse, we are offering pre-made centerpieces and other aspects to make that table for your reception, one less thing to worry about.   The pictures below show the various combinations, and if you hurry now you can see the specials we are running at this time, extra napkins, and or plastic champagne glasses optional for an additional price.  Our reception table packages run from $450 to $1,000 all depending on accessories and any custom additions for 100 people or 10 tables, head tables and or a sweethearts table can be included.  Remember if you see anything in these photos, or would like to see more you can check out for more options and see our work.

But also considerations for Custom Weddings; we are also experts at!!

Packages from $450 to $1,000!! for 100 guests

So in consideration of this package we can help you make the right Reception package to simplify your life!

805-404-0765, Le'Grote Designs

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weddings can be very expensive.  We see all these wedding shows on television and our expectations of what we would like and can afford are two different things….image a wedding of your dreams but not at the high costs of those TV weddings. You can rent a re-created centerpiece for fraction of the costs.